Bio certified Peppermint has stood the test of time as the prized flavor of choice from ancient civilizations to modern day use. Its menthol base element has been used to relax the body and mind, considerably improving digestion and inflammation as a tummy tonic. It has also been used to cleanse the palate as well as aid in natural weight loss. As a stimulant, it revs up circulation, as a relaxant it can relieve nervous irritability and relieve muscle spasms. 

Origin – Kastoria, Greece

What is the shelf life for dried herbs?

Due to the drying process our herbs have a shelf life of 18 months after being opened. 

What is the shelf life for dried superfoods?

Due to the higher moisture content of superfoods, our dried superfoods have a shelf life of 12 months after being opened.

How do I make Loose Leaf Tea?

Add loose leaves to a pot of simmering water on a low flame for 5-7 minutes or more depending on the strength you want, then strain. You can also use a Tea Infuser for single servings 

What are long infusions?

A more gentle way of extraction, long infusions are a great way to enjoy the full nutritional benefits of herbal tea. Add loose leaves to a jar of water overnight in the fridge or at room temperature and wake up to a long infused nutrient dense herbal tea. 

Can I add Superfoods to my Tea?

Absolutely. You can also add superfoods to your favorite yogurt, granola, or oatmeal with a drizzle of honey. 

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